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Aimée’s Birthday Celebration At Grease And The Sea

Aimée’s birthday celebration was for her as difficult as Christmas and New Years.  Despite my best attempt for distraction and evasion, it is impossible to blot up the grief that seeps through the fabric of our lives. Plus there is always a sibling’s survivor’s guilt at play too, though not always expressed at every turn.… Read More »

My Trip To Granville And Christian Dior’s Boyhood Home

Frankly, I hadn’t planned at all to write much about Granville and Christian Dior’s boyhood home. Why? I had other grand plans for even going to Granville on the Normandy  coast, and they had nothing to do with this very famous couturier. I had this great idea of doing the “traversée” of bay Mont Saint Michel… Read More »

Musée Camille Claudel, Finally?

It always bothered me tremendously that Camille Claudel did not have her own proper museum. Finally that has changed with the opening of the Camille Claudel Musée in Nogent Sur Seine or hasn’t it? The brand new Camille Claudel museum left me somewhat disturbed and disappointed when I was looking forward to being delighted! Why?… Read More »