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Fabulous French Feasting From Bûche de Noël To Galettes Des Rois

  Fabulous French feasting during the holidays is an almost impossible marathon for even a foodie such as me! Too much, too delicious and too rich! Christmas Eve feasts are just the beginning, with a second even more elaborate at New Years. Then comes the onslaught in January of Galettes des Rois, irresistible buttery confections… Read More »

A Taste Of Paris At The Grand Palais

I had never attended the Taste of Paris before, but thanks to very kind and generous friends who insisted on treating me and my daughter Aimée to this wonderful  event, I went last Sunday at the gorgeous Grand Palais. It doesn’t take much to tempt me to go to any food related event in Paris,… Read More »

Fabulous Sicilian Seafood, Cannoli, Theatrical Market, Friendly People And A Basset Hound

Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean has absolutely fabulous seafood, cannoli, theatrical food market and friendly people, including a cute basset hound! Wherever I go, the foods of the area are a large part of my enjoyment.  It is just the way I am wired, and for me seeking out marvelous culinary treats is just… Read More »

Scallops and Spas On A Frigid Sunday

January has had the most bone chilling bitter cold that I can remember since living in Paris.  With a knee injury,  I have not been sailing around this gorgeous city like I am use to. Having already missed an important march Saturday, I was determined to get up to Montmartre for the scallop festival and… Read More »

A Cook’s Dream Corner In Paris

My first passion is being a therapist, which has always brought me much fulfillment and joy in helping others, but my other passion is gastronomy and cooking! To those of you who know me or my regular readers, this is no surprise, given the culinary  and wine posts sprinkled throughout. There is a sort of… Read More »

The Making of Professional Chefs At École Ferrandi

École Ferrandi de La Gastronomie Francaise puts out some of the most gifted and famous chefs here in France and throughout the world.    Known as the Harvard of culinary schools, the name Ferrandi is well known and respected within the inner circle of restaurateurs worldwide. I have a special connection to Ferrandi, for it… Read More »