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Mother Mary Procession Along The Seine, Assumption Day In France

August the 15th is Assumption Day and a national holiday in France.  I will be joining the Mother Mary procession along the Seine. It is a special day of celebration for Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians, who call it  the Dormition of Mary. Assumption is my favourite Marian holiday, that is also the anniversary of… Read More »

Sainte Geneviève, The Courageous Patron Saint of Paris

  Sainte Geneviève is revered here in Paris and with good reason! She single-handedly saved Paris from invasion, destruction, sickness and famine through her courage, her peaceful leadership, her diplomacy, and her faith.    For all that she did for the city of Paris to survive, she certainly merits having that title! I first discovered… Read More »

Tolerance; Key Towards Harmony and Peace

 I have been shocked and disturbed by the degree of vile hate fueled  diatribes spewed daily in social media during the American presidential campaign of 2016. Thank God, this election will soon be over, but fearful that the need for mob propagated hatred and revenge  will continue. Tolerance is a key component towards harmony within… Read More »