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Ignorance, Lack Of Empathy And Prejudice Leads To Terrorism

Terrorism never starts suddenly in a vacuum or out of the blue.  No, it starts by ignorance, lack of empathy, and prejudice that grows into intolerance for those different from you. They could have a different color of skin, a different nationality,  a different religion, different sexual orientation or a different ethnicity. Prejudice mixed with scapegoating… Read More »

Personality Disorders and Pathological Traits

People often ask me about  personality disorders and  the pathological  traits  seen in them. I am going to describe  pathological traits that we see in Narcissistic,  Borderline  and Antisocial or Sociopathic personality disorders. The DSM V has put them in a specific cluster of personality disorders because they often share pathological traits with each other.… Read More »

With Grief, Depression And Losses, Setbacks Are Inevitable

This is for those of us who are dealing with grief, losses of any kind, depression, physical or mental illness or any difficult life situation.   Climbing out of a deep valley of despair is treacherous at best and setbacks are to be expected. The slippery slope of recovery is difficult to tackle, even to those… Read More »

Tolerance; Key Towards Harmony and Peace

 I have been shocked and disturbed by the degree of vile hate fueled  diatribes spewed daily in social media during the American presidential campaign of 2016. Thank God, this election will soon be over, but fearful that the need for mob propagated hatred and revenge  will continue. Tolerance is a key component towards harmony within… Read More »