A Taste Of Paris At The Grand Palais

I had never attended the Taste of Paris before, but thanks to very kind and generous friends who insisted on treating me and my daughter Aimée to this wonderful  event, I went last Sunday at the gorgeous Grand Palais. It doesn’t take much to tempt me to go to any food related event in Paris,… Read More »

Fabulous Sicilian Seafood, Cannoli, Theatrical Market, Friendly People And A Basset Hound

Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean has absolutely fabulous seafood, cannoli, theatrical food market and friendly people, including a cute basset hound! Wherever I go, the foods of the area are a large part of my enjoyment.  It is just the way I am wired, and for me seeking out marvelous culinary treats is just… Read More »

Gardens of The New French President and Prime Minister

Emmanuel Macron is the newly elected French president and I wanted to give you another peek of the beautiful gardens of the French president’s home from a previous post. I am off to the healing Mediterranean sun and sea of Sicily, much needed for my grief wrecked body. No, I wasn’t invited to a garden… Read More »

Muguet, Neuroscience, Art, Politics And Old Books

Muguet, neuroscience, art and old books have nothing in common, except our neurons are essential to taking them in for sure!  Politics perhaps less, lol. May Day or International Labour Day is Muguet Day(Lily of the valley) everywhere in France.  Every corner and every few feet were vendors selling these tiny white bell looking flowers… Read More »

Musée Camille Claudel, Finally?

It always bothered me tremendously that Camille Claudel did not have her own proper museum. Finally that has changed with the opening of the Camille Claudel Musée in Nogent Sur Seine or hasn’t it? The brand new Camille Claudel museum left me somewhat disturbed and disappointed when I was looking forward to being delighted! Why?… Read More »