Erotomania or Delusional Love

One of the most bizarre, yet totally fascinating mental illnesses is erotomania.  It is not something a therapist sees often in their practice, so I felt lucky to have had the privilege to have had one of the most intriguing of cases. It is sometimes known as Clérambault syndrome, named after the French psychiatrist Gaetan… Read More »

The Biggest Farm In Paris

Can you imagine a farm with over 4,000 farm animals of all sorts, over 1000 square meters of green house grown vegetables and crops, and over a thousand booths offering every food imaginable within  Paris? The Salon de l’Agriculture is my very favourite salon that I look forward to going to each year, and has never… Read More »

Paris’s Petit Mardi Gras Parade

I really debated if I should even write about this topic, frankly because it was so minuscule in comparison to the Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans that I grew up knowing and attending since childhood. I hate to make a comparison here, and there really can’t be,  because it sounds down right uppity, and… Read More »

Can Music Completely Change Your Mood?

  I had no idea what kind of concert I was going to, except it was to be commemorative of the Shoah. All of  France  along with other European countries had recent events of  remembrance of this extremely horrifying atrocity  in the  history of humankind. My invitation to the Hungarian Institute of Paris to hear… Read More »

Its Crêpe Day In France!

Seems like the whole country goes to crêpes on February the 2nd ! Chandeleur (Fêtes des Chandelles) is what they call it and the tradition goes way back.   The French consume  crêpes quite often as a snack or for a complete meal, but even more so today! The history of Chandeleur or festival of lights… Read More »

Geothermal and Sea Spas For Healing

I have to admit that I was completely unaware of and pretty skeptical the first time I even heard about thermal cures, either balneotherapy or thalassotherapy.  Of course I was a mere 20 year old American student who had just set foot on French soil to pursue studies, that ended up more around love, romance… Read More »

Galettes Des Rois, Monkfish and Crustacean Butter

Last weekend was the birthday of my daughter Aimée.  This happy event  unfortunately fell this year in the aftermath of the tragic events that consumed Paris. Celebrations were subdued this year in that they were confined to home, rather than go out in a city already traumatized. We initially were thinking about celebrating in a… Read More »

The Day Paris Spilled Into The Streets

The day started with  clear blue skies and only a few wispy clouds.  A wonderful winter’s day in Paris.  If was as if Saturday’s rain clouds parted to offer a perfect day of homage to the seventeen innocent people who were coldly massacred  by four terrorists. We started out over an hour early, but that clearly… Read More »