Romantic Hidden Passageways Of Paris

At one time there were around 150 of these beautiful covered passageways tucked throughout the center of  Paris.  Several spectacular ones have survived that offer wonderful glimpses back into the past. Only by chance would a tourist find them, as they are  never really one of the first things  to see.  Maybe if you have… Read More »

Catherine de Medici; A Most Ruthless and Cruel Queen

Catherine de Medici, who was married to King Henri II, was indeed one of the most shadowy and diabolic queens of France.   She was implicated in murders, including a massacre, poisonings, child abuse,  favouritism with her children, and last but not least ignoring an incestuous relationship amongst her children. Some recent historians have tried to write… Read More »

My Culinary Adventures In Athens

Wherever I travel, the most important and the first things that I research are the restaurants! It becomes practically an obsessional search, looking here and there, and then cross checking reviews or reports for the best places.  Athens though, was more of a challenge. If it is in France, it is a lot easier of… Read More »

Back To Greece With Love

Every once in a while, I find myself drawn to go back to a particular place, and this time it is Greece!  It’s probably a longing for the sun and smell of the sea, though that can be had a mere two hours away from me at Deauville, minus perhaps a strong sun like in… Read More »

Erotomania or Delusional Love

One of the most bizarre, yet totally fascinating mental illnesses is erotomania.  It is not something a therapist sees often in their practice, so I felt lucky to have had the privilege to have had one of the most intriguing of cases. It is sometimes known as Clérambault syndrome, named after the French psychiatrist Gaetan… Read More »

The Biggest Farm In Paris

Can you imagine a farm with over 4,000 farm animals of all sorts, over 1000 square meters of green house grown vegetables and crops, and over a thousand booths offering every food imaginable within  Paris? The Salon de l’Agriculture is my very favourite salon that I look forward to going to each year, and has never… Read More »

Paris’s Petit Mardi Gras Parade

I really debated if I should even write about this topic, frankly because it was so minuscule in comparison to the Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans that I grew up knowing and attending since childhood. I hate to make a comparison here, and there really can’t be,  because it sounds down right uppity, and… Read More »