Sensual Paintings and Perfumes, Paris Nuit Blanche 2015

I would have loved to have stayed all night gazing at all the very softest of pastel colors Fragonard excelled in his paintings of romantic love and libertinage.  Eroticism in his era was more mentally evocative and veiled, allowing the observer much more freedom to project his/her own sensuality and  erotica, rather than being limited… Read More »

Paris Festival Overload!

It was just way too much!   At least for me!  Fête du Gastronomie, Heures Heureuses des Tartines, Fête des Jardins, Gazons Paris and Paris Sans Voitures(without cars). Down right impossible to enjoy them to the fullest, and practically impossible to get but a few smidgens here and there! Why did the mayor of Paris… Read More »

École Militaire, Napoléon Bonaparte’s Student Days

Certainly the ghost of Napoléon Bonaparte was floating around École Militaire this weekend, proud as a peacock for sure.  He was only 15 years old when he first entered École Militaire de Paris,  having been already designated as a “promising student” from his former military school in Champagne. The sky was as blue and sunny… Read More »

The Silver Linings Behind Failed Relationships

How many times have some of you lamented with much grief and sorrow that someone you loved never returned your affection.  Left with only with a broken heart and bitter crumbs from a failed relationship, you limp through life seeking the “why” of it all. I want to tell you that what your weeping eyes… Read More »

Toilet War : Les Dames Pipi Of Paris

Despite all the terrible injustices  going on the world, and there are many that have garnered my utmost empathy, I nevertheless also have sympathy for Les Dames Pipi of Paris losing their job.   These ladies, who the majority are over 60 years of age, were let go, not because they weren’t doing a good… Read More »

Smashing Coconuts to Honor Lord Ganesh

There I was in front of a neatly stacked pyramid of coconuts.  Parts of them appeared to have been sprinkled with turmeric water and there were tiny yellow chrysanthemums tucked here and there.   Behind me was a small altar, carefully arranged with offerings of rice, lemons and bananas with incense burning and more coconuts awaiting Lord… Read More »