Taking Yours Fears, Anxiety, Depression And Grief Along With You

Your fears, anxiety, depression and grief are not going away magically even if you are in treatment! Waiting for them to disappear before you start “living” again is like waiting for pigs to break into a chorus of songs! There is no magic bullet in psychiatric treatment, the treacherous road to recovery has many pot… Read More »

My Trip To Granville And Christian Dior’s Boyhood Home

Frankly, I hadn’t planned at all to write much about Granville and Christian Dior’s boyhood home. Why? I had other grand plans for even going to Granville on the Normandy  coast, and they had nothing to do with this very famous couturier. I had this great idea of doing the “traversée” of bay Mont Saint Michel… Read More »

Hidden Gardens, Mansions, Minerals And Russian Chanting

Hidden gardens, mansions, and spectacular places not otherwise open to the public are the jewels I love seeing during the weekend of Journees Patrimone or heritage days.  A lot of monuments, châteaux and museums are generally open for free as well. I look forward to it each year and always marvel at the secret beauty… Read More »