Our Tortured Heroes

In was one of those early spring mornings in north Louisiana, full of sunshine, where the air smelled fresh and new and full of promise. As I walked up the small hill towards the hospital, I enjoyed smelling the slight perfume given off by bright pink and purple azaleas in full bloom. I was to… Read More »

Fête du Pain And The Baker’s Mass At Notre Dame

The other Sunday after a delicious lunch of cauliflower dill soup that is always comforting and warms my tummy and a little siesta, I felt I wanted to get out and take a really long walk, hoping to hit the park and then the Fête du Pain at Notre Dame. We started walking towards Luxembourg… Read More »

Le Foire de Paris

The Paris fair is not like any fair that we are used too in America.  Zero resemblance!  There aren’t any rides, nor freak shows, nor corn dogs, and thank goodness that awful smell of rancid cooking oil that always nauseated me is nowhere to be sniffed. Think instead of a huge and very vast market… Read More »

Contemporary Art At The Paris Marina

Paris has many wonderful hidden sites and one of these is a pleasure boat marina tucked beyond view from the Seine, where a contemporary art show is hosted twice a year. It’s a fairly big event bringing over 500 French and foreign artists together, with their individual stands on both sides of the  port. Le… Read More »

Someone Today Is Sharing Your Pain

Each day is a reminder that you are never alone with your pain, fears, needs or suffering. Just looking around the world at any given time and you will find others in your same sorrowful predicament. Everyday there are thousands of those in mourning for loved ones and friends who were lost, due to sickness,… Read More »

Lafayette’s Ship, The Hermione Sailing Back To America!

Le Marquis de la Fayette sailed  into the Boston harbour, on October 19, 1781, announcing that France would be providing military and financial support to George Washington,s troops.  His magnificent blue and golden ship, Hermione, has been totally reconstructed is finally sailing back to America! It has only taken over 17 years to bring this magnificent… Read More »

Charles Baudelaire, The Self Indulgent Dandy

Charles Baudelaire was the epitome of all French poets, past and present.  Reading his poetry and prose leaves no doubt to the woundedness of his soul.  His tortured emotions that brilliantly sculpted every word of his prose and poetry spewed from a gaping deep wound in his psyche. He words rip though your own illusions… Read More »

Non Violence Is A Choice That Starts In Your Heart

The past two weeks have been filled with one tragedy after another.  Human lives taken without any mercy,  are so frightening and gruesome that it makes me think we are certainly in an era of non stop violence all over the globe. I can never understand how or why another person could kill in cold… Read More »