Parisians Still Struggling

Last week I talked about the symptoms of collective trauma, and they are already playing out with many Parisians. The city has not gotten back to normal yet, which I do not think is surprising, but some doomsayers are  wondering if it ever will be the same. There are tangible figures indicating that the city… Read More »

Collective Trauma, Acute Stress Disorder and PTSD

The survivors of the most recent Paris terrorist attacks are all predictably going to have varying degrees of Acute Stress Disorder and or PTSD symptoms, from having witnessed the killings around them.   The citizenry at large can be also vulnerable to experiencing a milder form of trauma aftermath, even though they did not directly… Read More »

The World’s Greatest Chocolate Show

After the many years of living here, I have developed a Pavlovian association of certain seasons with certain events.   October, when the first wrinkled brown leaves start to scatter along the sidewalks and the air takes on a certain cool crispness, I start to think of chocolate!  It has nothing to do with wanting… Read More »

Halloween Witching In Paris

Believe it or not, I just celebrated my very first Halloween outing in Paris!  The French still have an on and off relationship with Halloween, which has had a bumpy enough broom ride to throw off any well meaning witch, with multiple takeoffs and crashes (like the adorable Google doodle)! The majority of the Halloween happenings… Read More »

Châteaux Ghosts of France

Ghosts are everywhere, and perhaps even more likely to be found in these very ancient châteaux scattered throughout France. I have always thought of the many wonderful stories to be told if only those old stones could talk, to those who have the sensitivities to hear. You either believe in ghosts or you don’t and… Read More »

Seasonal Affective Disorder, My Own Lamentations

I know seasonal affective disorder very well not only in my practice , but I personally have suffered from it for many years. By October the 15 th,  I am aware of subtle changes in my mood and level of energy.  The onset of symptoms is indeed insidious as it is caused by the diminishing… Read More »

Celebrating Montmartre’s Grape Harvest

It was that time again to harvest the grapes in Montmartre, which goes all out to celebrate this event. Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous sunny autumn day for meandering around the narrow labyrinth of streets in hilly Montmartre. I don’t go for the wine, nor to see the harvest, however picturesque that is, but just… Read More »