Lafayette’s Ship, The Hermione Sailing Back To America!

Le Marquis de la Fayette sailed  into the Boston harbour, on October 19, 1781, announcing that France would be providing military and financial support to George Washington,s troops.  His magnificent blue and golden ship, Hermione, has been totally reconstructed is finally sailing back to America! It has only taken over 17 years to bring this magnificent… Read More »

Charles Baudelaire, The Self Indulgent Dandy

Charles Baudelaire was the epitome of all French poets, past and present.  Reading his poetry and prose leaves no doubt to the woundedness of his soul.  His tortured emotions that brilliantly sculpted every word of his prose and poetry spewed from a gaping deep wound in his psyche. He words rip though your own illusions… Read More »

Non Violence Is A Choice That Starts In Your Heart

The past two weeks have been filled with one tragedy after another.  Human lives taken without any mercy,  are so frightening and gruesome that it makes me think we are certainly in an era of non stop violence all over the globe. I can never understand how or why another person could kill in cold… Read More »

Romantic Hidden Passageways Of Paris

At one time there were around 150 of these beautiful covered passageways tucked throughout the center of  Paris.  Several spectacular ones have survived that offer wonderful glimpses back into the past. Only by chance would a tourist find them, as they are  never really one of the first things  to see.  Maybe if you have… Read More »

Catherine de Medici; A Most Ruthless and Cruel Queen

Catherine de Medici, who was married to King Henri II, was indeed one of the most shadowy and diabolic queens of France.   She was implicated in murders, including a massacre, poisonings, child abuse,  favouritism with her children, and last but not least ignoring an incestuous relationship amongst her children. Some recent historians have tried to write… Read More »

My Culinary Adventures In Athens

Wherever I travel, the most important and the first things that I research are the restaurants! It becomes practically an obsessional search, looking here and there, and then cross checking reviews or reports for the best places.  Athens though, was more of a challenge. If it is in France, it is a lot easier of… Read More »

Back To Greece With Love

Every once in a while, I find myself drawn to go back to a particular place, and this time it is Greece!  It’s probably a longing for the sun and smell of the sea, though that can be had a mere two hours away from me at Deauville, minus perhaps a strong sun like in… Read More »