Love Wins And It’s About Time!

It’s nice to have something to feel good about after multiple tragedies these past weeks.  With the United States Supreme Court guaranteeing that same sex couples will have the right of legal marriage in every state of the union, the United States of America  joins the ever expanding list of other countries who have done… Read More »

My Rather Deflated Fête de La Musique

I have always loved going to Fête de la Musique, that rowdy, crowded, and  almost anything goes music festival that celebrates the summer solstice.  The crowds of inebriated merrymakers reminds me of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, minus the costumes and  parades.  This year, I thought I would approach  Paris’s ultimate street party in a… Read More »

Pickpockets Close Down Eiffel Tower

Last week, without any advance notice, the Eiffel Tower, the world’s most visited tourist attraction in the world, besides Notre Dame, locked its tower to the throngs of starry eyes tourists.  Mutiny on the tower! Why? Pure and simple, the employees were fed up(ras le bol) by constant onslaught of pickpockets day and night non… Read More »

Our Tortured Heroes

In was one of those early spring mornings in north Louisiana, full of sunshine, where the air smelled fresh and new and full of promise. As I walked up the small hill towards the hospital, I enjoyed smelling the slight perfume given off by bright pink and purple azaleas in full bloom. I was to… Read More »

Fête du Pain And The Baker’s Mass At Notre Dame

The other Sunday after a delicious lunch of cauliflower dill soup that is always comforting and warms my tummy and a little siesta, I felt I wanted to get out and take a really long walk, hoping to hit the park and then the Fête du Pain at Notre Dame. We started walking towards Luxembourg… Read More »

Le Foire de Paris

The Paris fair is not like any fair that we are used too in America.  Zero resemblance!  There aren’t any rides, nor freak shows, nor corn dogs, and thank goodness that awful smell of rancid cooking oil that always nauseated me is nowhere to be sniffed. Think instead of a huge and very vast market… Read More »