My Celebration Of Saint Mary Magdalene In Vezelay

Every year when July 22 comes around, besides being reminded that I have only one month left before my birthday in August,I always think about celebrating the feast day of Mary Magdalene.  I have done this several times at La Sainte Baume Saint Maximin, in the south of France, which remains one of my favourite… Read More »

Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris

Cité Universitaire is really a unique and fabulous residential campus, probably the only one of its kind in the world! At any given time, it houses over 12, 000 university students from 140  different nationalities in an immense lovely landscaped park  in southern Paris. What started in 1920 as a beautiful, conscientious and noble idea… Read More »

Paris When It Swelters and Sizzles

Ahhhh, nothing like stewing in the hot Paris sun! Yes indeed, that same sun that just loves to play hide and seek most of the time here,  is making me feel right back home! As droplets of sweat slowly trickle down my neck, arms, and legs, I have been holding up my pompous southern girl… Read More »

Love Wins And It’s About Time!

It’s nice to have something to feel good about after multiple tragedies these past weeks.  With the United States Supreme Court guaranteeing that same sex couples will have the right of legal marriage in every state of the union, the United States of America  joins the ever expanding list of other countries who have done… Read More »

My Rather Deflated Fête de La Musique

I have always loved going to Fête de la Musique, that rowdy, crowded, and  almost anything goes music festival that celebrates the summer solstice.  The crowds of inebriated merrymakers reminds me of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, minus the costumes and  parades.  This year, I thought I would approach  Paris’s ultimate street party in a… Read More »