Geothermal and Sea Spas For Healing

I have to admit that I was completely unaware of and pretty skeptical the first time I even heard about thermal cures, either balneotherapy or thalassotherapy.  Of course I was a mere 20 year old American student who had just set foot on French soil to pursue studies, that ended up more around love, romance… Read More »

Galettes Des Rois, Monkfish and Crustacean Butter

Last weekend was the birthday of my daughter Aimée.  This happy event  unfortunately fell this year in the aftermath of the tragic events that consumed Paris. Celebrations were subdued this year in that they were confined to home, rather than go out in a city already traumatized. We initially were thinking about celebrating in a… Read More »

The Day Paris Spilled Into The Streets

The day started with  clear blue skies and only a few wispy clouds.  A wonderful winter’s day in Paris.  If was as if Saturday’s rain clouds parted to offer a perfect day of homage to the seventeen innocent people who were coldly massacred  by four terrorists. We started out over an hour early, but that clearly… Read More »

Deadly Intolerance Is The Worse Blasphemy

I am very sickened and extremely sad about the tremendous evil unleashed yesterday in Paris that killed 12 innocent human beings.  This deadly intolerance of others, fueled by vile and evil hate is everywhere of epidemic proportions. Any of us could be victims, of these heinous incarnations of evil, masking as  human beings, who feel… Read More »

Famous Boutiques Near La Madeleine & Place Vendôme

Paris as you can well imagine, is full of the most famous haut couturiers,  jewelers, and houses of gastronomy. The vast majority of them have their maisons meres, or home houses in this distinctive and luxurious district. I was in pursuit to see their holiday windows decor, thinking they would be as glorious as their names.… Read More »

Transported Back To Medieval Times At Provins

The yearly festivals in  Provins are a wonderful way to feel transported back to the medieval times of Knights Templar, troubadours and courtly love.  I have always felt a strong unexplainable affinity for this period of time. Their Christmas market made it so easy for me to feel like I had been sucked into a… Read More »

Saint Lucia Christmas Procession

This past Saturday was the celebration of Saint Lucia, which has been an extremely popular Christmas celebration in Sweden, and to a lessor degree in all of Scandinavia since medieval times.   Swedish students and the Swedish church here in Paris have their annual celebration as well. Last year I missed it, even though I had… Read More »