Flea Market On My Avenue

I wrote this before my son died, so it’s just being published  now.  The trees are still bare, and the skies just as cloudy, only less cold, thank goodness. I am not a chineuse, or bargain hunter who frequents flea markets or yard sales for stuff.  It is just not my thing to accumulate bric… Read More »

My Painful Journey Of Tears

There can never be any preparation for this painful journey of tears as a mother with a pierced heart must walk.  Once we are blessed with bringing forth a beautiful child into this world, our greatest fear is to lose them. Millions of mothers throughout the ages have been stabbed with the most painful sword… Read More »

Tearful Pause

My heart is shredded in pain and grief and with the deepest of sorrow as I learned Sunday of the unexpected death of my beloved son André Alexandre Grosz. I am making funeral arrangements and travel to the states, so I will be away for at least two weeks.  Please keep me in your thoughts… Read More »