Eugene Delacroix Wrestled With More Than Angels

Eugene Delacroix was described by his friend Charles Baudelaire as “a volcanic crater artfully concealed behind bouquets of flowers”.  He remains in many ways an enigma, where  his personality and inner life can be drawn from his art, his tragic childhood losses, and  conjectured by reading the correspondence to various persons during his lifetime. This… Read More »

Dealing With Trauma Anniversaries

Approaching trauma anniversaries are never easy to deal with for many of us.  Traumatic events are systematically recorded in our psyches, either consciously or unconsciously. They have their own calendar and are usually pretty accurate in causing underlying distress preceding the anniversary of the event. Obviously, the conscious memories are the most painful , because… Read More »

Famous Chefs Market And Drinking Operettas

I absolutely adore going to the many outdoor markets here to pick out my fruits, vegetables and seafood.  They are all a dazzling feast for my eyes and the smells of roasting chickens, simmering paellas, tartiflettes, etc  offer enticing bouquets that titillate my nose as walk down the aisles. This one had famous chef’s farmers… Read More »

Foie Gras And Magrets At Palais Royal

Saturday was one of those absolutely perfect warm autumn days in Paris.  As soon as I hit the lovely Palais Royal gardens, the heavenly odor of foie gras sizzling in a pan perfumed the air. Les Toques du Canard was well in process celebrating the famous foie gras ducks of the Landes region in southwest… Read More »

Tightest Security Ever Seen For Heritage Days In Paris

September is one of my favourite months in Paris, in part because of les Journées du Patrimoine, or Heritage Days.  Yesterday was the tightest security ever seen for a historical visit: sadly needed but very much welcomed! One weekend out of the year, all of over France, historical monuments, governmental buildings, châteaux and all sorts… Read More »