Things I Miss Most When Away From Paris

Even before we approached Charles De Gaulle I found myself full of anticipation to get back to all the wonderful things I missed most being away from Paris.    The weather, however, was not one of them! When the pilot announced that the temperature was only a freezing 3 C, cloudy and drizzly, you could… Read More »

Blog En Pause

I am away from Paris and not able to blog with any ease of writing, so there will be a little pause, in new articles. I may repost  some of my previous posts as I did recently, if I have time to program them in advance Like those adorable butterflies, I hope to fly back… Read More »

Maria Skobtsova, Gutsy, Courageous And Charitable To The End

Europe is once again battling invasions of terrorism and  violence, not yet with the same dimensions as during the life of  Maria Skobtsova, also known as Saint Maria of Paris and Ravensbruck. She dedicated her life to easing the pain and suffering of hundreds in Paris plagued with  hunger, racism, homelessness, mental illness, addictions and… Read More »