A Message For The Broken Hearted On Valentine’s Day

This a healing message for Valentine’s Day for you who have been hurt, abandoned, rejected or disappointed in a love relationship. If you are one of the lucky few who hasn’t , then send it to someone who has. Valentine’s Day for the wounded can leave you feeling totally left out, depressed, jealous, resentful, miserable,… Read More »

Louis Pasteur, A Hero For All Times

Louis Pasteur would certainly be back in his laboratory in a flurry of urgency over the recent surges of dangerous viruses lurking around today.  The father of bacteriology, microbiology, vaccinology and the germ theory of disease has more discoveries to his credit than any modern scientist. He totally revolutionised world wide medicine, veterinary science, the… Read More »

My Galettes Des Rois Goose Chase!

I love January in Paris because it is Galette des Rois time!  For me, it is something to look forward to that almost makes me forget the inevitable bitter cold wind, grey skies and drizzle. Those luscious disk shaped mounds of buttery puff pastry so unimaginably crisp and flaky, filled with various pastry creams, are heaven… Read More »

Exhibitionism Is Not Art, Deborah de Robertis Nude Again

Deborah de Robertis has done it again. Visitors at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris Saturday got more than they bargained for under Eduard Manet’s Olympia.  The  performance artist stretched out nude below the painting with a camera in hand in order to  record people’s reaction. Security agents quickly closed the special exhibit of Splendour and… Read More »

My New Year’s Lobster Ordeal

I generally only buy lobsters once a year, for the New Year’s holiday, and however much I love the taste, the ordeal of preparing them for the pot even once a year is enough. I am envious of those of you who probably don’t give such things a second thought. For a native Louisianian who… Read More »

Be A New Year’s Blessing

It’s that time of year again when we are all thinking about making New Year’s resolutions and hoping that we can construct a better year than the one we are leaving behind, but what about being a New Year’s blessing to others? Being a blessing to other people is guaranteed to give you  more wonderful… Read More »

A Christmas Message To Those In Pain

Christmas and the holiday season is often the most painful for those of you who are already depressed, in grief,  in painful circumstances of loss or rejection, and feeling alone. I do not have to know your name to want to comfort you, because I know that you are out there.  I care about you,… Read More »